Basically on page optimization is a process  which is done only on the webpage . in this we apply a lots of techs , but whatever we do that is done only on the page . that is why it is call on-page .
Simply   “ optimization on the page” called on-page optimization.

Well, there are different thing  people are doing to do on-page .i still remember the day when I was newbie , and I read a lots of thing about on-page , what I felt that different person ha s different tech about on-page .even I got confused how should I start and from where I will get the actually knowledge of what I should do to perform onpage of my site. But friends do not get confused there are the summry of what I learn till now .so you guys do not need to put a lots of effort. I will try to make this blog a tutorial hub .read and tell me what you want so that I can do the need for you.

For doing on-page optimization understand and apply the following things:-

For  Detail read the following:-

URL or Domain name: select domain name in which your keyword should be included as url (universal resource lacator) containg the keyword boost the ranking in search engine.this is because google (or other search engine read the url first ).

Title Tag :Enter title tag for each page on your site that includes your keywords.

Keyword Research & Analysis: Keyword is the most important  part of SEO . Entire seo is depend on the keyword.it is like Backbone . Before selecting the keyword for your site do a little keyword research. For that use Google Keyword tool and analyse the keyword and also check the competition and strength of keyword.

Google keyword tool: it is the tool which is used to analyse the keyword & also we can  to see the keyword density and competition of keyword  (monthly and global search can also be checked).
Keyword Density Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

Meta Tag : It is an important thing which shoul be added in the webpages. It is HTML CODE. Which is not visible to the user but it is important for search engine.in html  it is placed in the head part e.g.
<html …>
<meta name=”description”   content=”this the discripton of webpage “ />
<title>Your title</title>
Header ,paragraph is placed here.
This content is visible to you.
If looked careful in the above ,I have already told you how to put keyword and description in meta tag. Which is most important part .create different keyword and description for different webpages of your site

Sitemap: sitemap is something we you must creat on your website.sitemap is quite similar to the index page of your book . when google searh for the site before looking into the entire site .Google ( or any search engine ) looks for the sitemap.xml file . sitemap is created as sitemap.xml .

What to do with sitemap..?

Lot of site are there just type  in google “online sitemap generator” they will generate the sitemp . Once your sitemap is generated upload it in the root directory.

Note:- Google reads the page form left to right there fore try to put the inlinks ( link to your own site) on the left side.

Image Optimization : Google do not read the Image but it reads the alt tag of image. alt tag is placed in the follwing format .Now here the trick is that whenever you insert the image do not forget to place the keyword in alt tag.

<img alt=" insert keyword here" src="path or image"/>

Text Optimization : As we know Google start reading form left to right.So by placing the keyword in H1 header or doing some bold and italicized the keyword we actually presenting the keyword in front of google therefore we imphsize these keywords.it slightly help in page rank.

Page rank: Page rank is the Google way to measure webpage . Page rank show how important is that page for Google .Higher the Page Rank More important will the webpage for Google. Google count Page rank between 1-10  e.g. Facebook has the page rank of 10.

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